Booking CSO Video Conferencing Equipment

To find and reserve video conferencing equipment:

  1. Log in to your calendar at or click the 'Calendar' link at the top of your email inbox.

  2. Open the meeting details:
    • If this is a new booking, create a meeting by clicking on a time in your calendar, and then click Edit event details.
    • If this is an existing booking, click on the name of the meeting in your calendar.

  3. Add meeting invitees by entering their email addresses in the Add: Guests box on the right.

  4. Click the Rooms, etc. link to add a video conferencing unit. Scroll through the list of equipment, or type in a search term.For example, by typing:
  • Click on CSO to reveal all McAlroy House based rewsources. Once you see the resource that you wish to book, click the Add link and the resource is added to the Added area along with the other invitees.

The video conference equipment is labeled as follows;

  • CSO-VC-L-E95-1 - Large VC unit (Big screen on trolley)
  • CSO-VC-L-C20-1 - Large VC unit (Big screen on trolley)
  • CSO-VC-S-E20-1 - Small VC unit (Small desktop video phone)
Please note that the Boardroom and Conference room are also listed, however these are not currently being used.  
Please use the usual procedure for booking these until further notice.

If you wish to check for availability of guests and resources you can use the 'Find a time' feature by doing the following;

  1. Click the [Find a Time] tab (next to the [Event details] tab).
  2. Click the [Day] tab to view the guests' schedules one day at a time or click the [Week] tab to see overlapping schedules for the entire week.
  3. Use the arrows above the calendar to view different days/weeks.
  4. To schedule the event, click and drag the light blue area to an available time.
  5. To change the length of the event, hover your cursor over the bottom border until it changes to an arrow and click and drag up or down. You can also manually enter the start and end times above the calendar.
  6. Once you have set the event on the calendar, fill in any other necessary information in the [Event details] tab.
  7. Click [Save]. You'll be prompted to send invitations. To notify your guests by email, click [Send].